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OCA Student Experience During the Pandemic: Tatjana Luce

Oregon Center for the Arts students are finding new innovative ways to interact with their professors, fellow students, and community. OCA Music student Tatjana Luce recently completed 30 days of 30 seconds of music. When it came time to post the video Tatjana was innovative in editing the pieces together on her phone, adapting to utilize the technology she had on hand. The world pandemic limitation doesn’t exist to OCA student Tatjana right now, but instead, she speaks highly of the whole new world of opportunity online learning has opened.

Tatjana is a dedicated music student who never lets an opportunity to learn and perform pass her by, but she found the switch from in-person ensembles and classes to online hard to handle at first. However, once she realized that her online interactions were her only way to connect with faculty and friends she warmed up to the idea. Now Tatjana is excited to log-on and participates in class every day.

When asked how her professors were adapting to the new format Tatjana was quick to commend them for their dedication and innovation. In her choir course her professor, Dr. Paul French, has each student mute themselves on their Zoom call due to some audio lagging. This allows each student to listen to their own singing while being conducted by Paul French and accompanied on piano by Jodi French.

Tatjana is also a member of the Chalumeau Clarinet Trio, with members Jayme Dittberner and Kyla Casazza, that were originally going to visit elementary school classes as part of Britt Education and Engagement. While the trio was upset to not have the same opportunity to inform and perform for the classes, they have found an innovative fix. The Chalumeau Clarinet trio is using the Soundtrap app which allows the three members to record and balance their different audio files into one. The three members then decided that they would create an accompanying educational presentation to be sent to the families of the elementary school children. This solution to the situation allows the trio members as well as the elementary school children to enrich their education from home.

But what about a solution for the missing social interactions with friends? Tatjana and her fellow music students do not have an organized social-distancing solution to interactions. However, they have been meeting most weekends via Zoom as a way to maintain a sense of normalcy in this uncertain time. OCA Music students also created a Facebook group for the department where Tatjana hopes other students may participate in 30 days of 30 seconds of music challenge.

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