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NoiseFold to Give Talk and Perform in Concert with Left Edge Collective

Noisefold Music Performance

The Oregon Center for the Arts at Southern Oregon University (SOU) Music Program proudly presents two events with guest musicians, NoiseFold. Cory Metcalf and David Stout, who comprise NoiseFold will give an Artist Talk on Thursday, May 25 at 12:30 PM in the Meese Auditorium in the SOU Art Building. Then NoiseFold will join SOU’s own Left Edge Collective in concert on Friday, May 26 at 7:30 PM in the SOU Music Recital Hall.

Melding real-time animation and generative electronic sound within the legacy of cybernetics and mathematic visualization, NoiseFold (Cory Metcalf and David Stout) celebrates the evolution of visual music as a form of instrumental play with semi-autonomous systems. The artists re-imagine a painterly abstraction to suggest elemental narratives that evoke highly charged emotional states. From subtle life-like emanations to roiling upheavals of sound and light the resulting audio-visual events are at once familiar, mysterious and strange.

Left Edge Collective is a new music organization founded and directed by David Bithell and Terry Longshore at the Oregon Center for the Arts at Southern Oregon University. Left Edge composes, performs, improvises, creates interdisciplinary projects, and hosts an annual festival of contemporary performance which focuses on presenting and premiering new works by members of Left Edge, works by nationally recognized guest artists, and collaborations between artistic disciplines.

For the performance on Friday, May 26 at 7:30 PM, Left Edge Collective welcomes guest artists NoiseFold – transdisciplinary artists working at the fuzzy boundary blurring nexus of visual art, music and interactive cinema. Left Edge Collective will premiere two new works by David Bithell: “Shepard”, for four vibraphones, explores a temporal equivalent to shepard tones – overlapping frequencies that seem to rise infinitely. In this work, the ensemble appears to speed up continually.

In “CavitationStudy.01”, to be performed, Bithell states, “Plants make sound – if we know how to listen. There is the rustling of leaves, the creaking of branches or trunks, the lone tree falling in a forest, all created by forces external to the plant. Internally, rhythms are created by the formation and bursting of microscopic gas bubbles in vessels. This process of cavitation occurs at frequencies and time scales well beyond the range of human hearing.  In this performance, these events are made audible through a variety of methods of data sonification.  The timing of recorded cavitation events serves as the structural backbone as well as the generator of local rhythms.  The sound of cavitation events themselves are transposed into the audible frequency and used as part of the sonic environment.  All of these elements are activated by sensors that read the resistance of conductive inks drawn on plant matter collected locally in the Rogue Valley.

Tickets for this performance are $10 for regular admission, $5 for seniors, and free for students. All tickets are general admission. The OCA box office is located in the SOU Music Building, off South Mountain Avenue. The box office hours are noon to 600 PM. Monday through Friday, and two hours prior to performances. Tickets can be purchased with a credit card over the phone by calling (541) 552-6348 or online at oca.sou.edu/box-office. Please contact the box office for discounts offered to SOU alumni, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute participants, and SNAP/Oregon Trail cardholders.