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OCA Music presents:

SOU Percussion Ensembles performing Shared Spaces with guest artist Lynn Vartan

Thursday, May 24th at 7:30 p.m. in the Music Recital Hall

Headshot of Lynn Vartan


$10 Regular, $5 Senior, FREE full-time students

Discounted Student and Faculty/Staff tickets must be purchased by phone 541-552-6348 or in person.



Akadinda Trio (1992) Emmanuel Séjourné (b. 1961)

Ryan Freiheit, Kayla McDonald, Logan Rickard, marimba


Variations on a Ghanaian Theme (1981) Daniel Levitan (b. 1953)

Lindsay Burns, Nelson Cornejo, cowbells; Jake Riggs, Brie Taylor, wood blocks; Patrick Duvall, Jenny Gray, drums


Meditation (1999) Mark Applebaum (b. 1967)

Ewan McCarthy, Taran McGuire, piano; Brenna Netzky, Marcus Kinney, vibraphone; Drew Wright, Reed Bentley, glockenspiel


Waltz (1939) Johanna Magdalena Beyer (1888-1944)

Drew Wright, triangles; Jenny Gray, anvil; Reed Bentley, dragon’s mouths; Patrick Duvall, tom tom; Ewan McCarthy, cymbal, gong; Greyson Boydstun, timpani; Marcus Kinney, bass drum


Shared Space (2015) Ivan Trevino (b. 1983)

Greyson Boydstun, Lindsay Burns, Nelson Cornejo, Terry Longshore, Brenna Netzky, Jake Riggs, Drew Wright


An Action Within (2015) Jerod Sommerfeldt (b. 1982)

Terry Longshore, crotales, iPad; Lynn Vartan, crotales


Long Distance (2013) Steven Snowden (b. 1981)

Atlanta, GA – 1972

Brooklyn, NY – 1975

Lynn Vartan, vibraphone, marimba


A Silence That Heard Itself (2016) Drew Wright (b. 1992)

Kayla McDonald, Logan Rickard, vibraphone; Taran McGuire, electric guitar; Ryan Freiheit, marimba; Drew Wright, radio samples


In the Fire of Conflict (2008) Christos Hatzis (b. 1953)

Lynn Vartan, marimba; Lindsay Burns, percussion; Nelson Cornejo, percussion; Jake Riggs, marimba, percussion


Trio for Ogun (2001) N. Scott Robinson (b. 1964)

Reed Bentley, Greyson Boydstun, Jenny Gray, bata; Lindsay Burns, Ryan Freiheit, Logan Rickard, conga; Marcus Kinney, Ewan McCarthy, Kayla McDonald, Taran McGuire, Brenna Netzky, Brie Taylor, bottles


Jaco (1978) Pat Metheny (b. 1954)

Arr. Greyson Boydstun

The Ensemble



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