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OCA Student Experience During the Pandemic: Taran McGuire and Jade Hails

The SOU Percussion ensemble had a busy spring term planned with a trip to New York and much more. However, the travel plans had to be adjusted in accordance with the changes with SOU’s guidelines during COVID-19.
Taran McGuire, a senior this year, sees the new situation in a positive light. He states that SOU’s distance learning model is allowing for new creative solutions where all new ideas are welcome.

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OCA Student Experience During the Pandemic: Tatjana Luce

Oregon Center for the Arts students are finding new innovative ways to interact with their professors, fellow students, and community. OCA Music student Tatjana Luce recently completed 30 days of 30 seconds of music. When it came time to post the video Tatjana was innovative in editing the pieces together on her phone, adapting to utilize the technology she had on hand.

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Dr. Cynthia Hutton Retires

Associate Professor and Music Department Chair, Dr. Cynthia Hutton will retire this Spring 2020 after 26 years of teaching at SOU. Dr. Hutton’s teaching contributions to the Music program at SOU included teaching courses in music education, music theory, aural skills, conducting, and for 24 years she was the Director of Bands at SOU.


SOU Dance Courses on Zoom

How can you teach someone the intricacies of a dance remotely? Or see the details of a sculpture through cell phone photos? That hasn’t stopped some theater and arts courses from moving forward, mostly by using the popular video-conferencing software, Zoom.


SOU Music Ensembles Visit Virtually

With some schools canceling ensembles altogether, Paul T. French – Southern Oregon University’s Director of Choral Studies and Vocal Studies – had doubts about the spring ahead for his corner of the Music Program in the Oregon Center for the Arts at SOU.